TIL architect Alejandro Echeverri was approached by the mayor of Medellin, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, to revitalize the city. He focused on building in the poorest areas first to bring people and infrastructure into these neighborhoods. Crime dropped substantially.

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Marcus Aurelius “Poverty is the mother of crime”. This quote is almost 2000 years old. I guess he was right.


Shocker, when you improve the environment of people through infrastructure and access to resources, you substantially reduce their reasons to do crime. Its almost as if there are complex reasons crime happens, not just them wanting to do it because of lack morals or some nonsense.


It’s been said that if Bruce Wayne invested as much into social programs as he did into bat technology he could have retired in peace.


As I see from articles – main driver is adding good public transport system that covers all districts. It can equalize economical opportunities for people living in poorer parts of the city.


All of that building work probably created alot of jobs