TIL chemists have developed two plant-based plastic alternatives to the current fossil fuel made plastics. Using chemical recycling instead of mechanical recycling, 96% of the initial material can be recovered.

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While ability to recycle is very important, the buildup of plastic in the environment has raised another issue. Will this new material be able to chemically break down under the various conditions found in nature, hot/cold and wet/dry. Edit: Glanced through, they mention that because of the “break points” the plastic may breakdown in nature. Though it remains to be seen what those end products are and how they will react.


Oh boy can’t wait until i forget about this in five seconds along with the rest of the world, never hearing about it ever again


There are many plant based alternatives to fossil based plastics. These particular researchers created two types of alternatives


Everyone needs to remember there are numerous “we can do <insert new process here> that’s 95% safer for the environment than <insert current process here> but they aren’t viable economically outside of highly funded R&D departments due to astronomical costs.


Cue to us never hearing about this again.