TIL Demi Moore was the highest paid actress ever (at the time) in 1996, earning $12.5M for Striptease, which bombed at the box office and earned her a Golden Raspberry Award. She also was a producer for all 3 Austin Power movies.

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Striptease may have bombed but I watched the shit out of that movie on VHS. Edit: The amount of upvotes I’ve gotten for making a reference to my adolescent tugging practice is worrying. You all should take a long hard look at yourselves.


That movie should have been great. So many great stars, Burt Reynolds, Ving Rhames, great source material. But it’s supposed to be a comedy, and Demi can’t do comedy.


Loved her in “A few Good Men” and of course when she murdered Bruce Willis in the Van, can’t think of the title of that movie…


That and Jim Carrey’s paycheck for Cable Guy were huge or least overly reported stories back then.


Carl Hiassen nailed stories about Florida in the 90s and early 00s, but they are just really hard to translate to film because they seem so over the top. Living in Florida at the time it just sounded a little kooky, but not unbelievable….which is straight up Florida. Strip Tease was a great book but I knew it would bomb.