TIL George H. W. Bush hated broccoli, and his frequent comments triggered a fruit and vegetable association to deliver 10 tons of broccoli to the White House.

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I just recently had a talk with my teenager about how when I was her age, HW told a bunch of elementary school kids that he hated broccoli, and it was a whole ass scandal. Because it was a bad influence on the children. And then his VP couldn’t spell potato. That’s what we thought was a big deal back in the day. Fun times.


I like to pretend brocolli are trees and I’m a giant.


That’s a bit wasteful.


Dude. I hear about people who hate broccoli and my first thought is “Good, more for me” because I LOVE broccoli.


Til there are people old enough to use reddit that don’t remember this. God I feel old. ETA: The point you’re all missing isn’t that I’m actually surprised there are people old enough to use reddit that were born after this happened; but instead that this seems like it was just yesterday not 30+ years ago. Being reminded that something you remember happening was that long ago makes one feel less young. I was making a joke at the expense of myself.