TIL of Eric Money, the only person to ever score for both teams in an NBA game. Due to an officiating error by a referee, an NBA game between the Sixers and Nets in 1978 had to be replayed beginning in the middle of the game. Money was traded from the Nets to the Sixers during the span between games

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To go into more detail, during the initial game, a ref gave both a Nets player and coach three technical fouls each, which is not allowed by NBA rules. After the Nets protested, the NBA declared that the game needed to be replayed several months later, but the only parts that had to be replayed were what followed the initial third technical foul. The initial game was in November, and the replayed game was in March. Money was traded to the Sixers in the intervening months, so he was one of only three players to ever play for two different teams in an NBA game, and to this day is the only player in NBA history to *score* for both teams during one game.


“Money was traded from the Nets to the Sixers during the span between games” This part had me confused for a second. What were they betting on? *d’oh*


I skimmed over the name because I mostly don’t care about random names but that made the last sentence a bit confusing.


Hypothetical question – if Money had fouled out while playing for the Nets, would he remain disqualified for the game upon being traded to the Sixers? Or would he be able to play, as he technically had zero fouls in the game while with the Sixers?


What about when a player is trying to get the rebound but accidentally tips it into his own basket. Doesn’t that count as scoring for both teams?