TIL over 84,000 scrolls were found behind a wall in the Sakya Monastery in 2003. They were untouched for hundreds of years.

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Finally they opted for open access and no longer hide the content behind the paywall.


I love this story and have been following it as a student of Buddhism. There is a bit of misinformation around this discovery. It was reported that the library tracked 10,000 years of human history. It doesn’t track human history and never claimed to. It is generally reported that there are 84,000 books. This number is based on Indian numerology that appears in Buddhist literature, that is not the actual number of items in the library (it would be astounding if it were). Many of these books are translations of Buddhist religious material that was originally in Sanskrit and Pali. Tibetan monks and nuns also record philosophy, medicine, astrology, and other topics that relate to religion. One of the treasures of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery is its books. The placement of a library in a monastery is very important — along with an image of the Buddha and a stupa. The words of the Buddha are considered sacred and are revered and the writing system used for these books, Tibetan Uchen script, is revered.


Since the discovery was made in Tibet, what happened to the scrolls?

[unrolls old scroll] We’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s warranty


Probably somebody’s porn stash.