TIL that Federico Castellucio, a.k.a Furio Gunta from The Sopranos, is an accomplished painter and discovered a misidentified 17th century painting valued at $10 million, purchasing it for $68,000.

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Stupida facking painting


Watching the Sopranos for the first time rn, Furio just left back to Italy couple episodes ago so this was a nice send off to add for his character, thank you.


My wife and I knew this and mentioned it when we met him at one of those autograph celebrity events right after the show ended. He was pumped to get the question but we did not become best friends.


Carmela Soprano has entered the chat.


One of my favorite scenes on a golf course. Tony: Hey Furio, You like to play golf? Furio: It’s a Fucking Stupid Game. Tony: Hmph