TIL the original Applebee’s location, opened in 1980 in Decatur, GA, had an old-timey drugstore theme and was named T.J. Applebee’s RX for Edibles and Elixirs.

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Applebee’s; Conveniently located across the parking lot from every chain hotel in the country. Tired travelers sick of road fast-food and too situationally-lazy to look up local restaurants their first night in town must be their prime demo.


I think it’s illegal to name or theme a restaurant after a pharmacy/Dr office now. I remember a news article some years ago about an old bar being forced to change the name it had for many decades because it’s name was still the same as when it first opened as a pharmacy


Is the Applebee’s in Times Square full of New Yorkers? Because I don’t understand going to NYC as a tourist and eating at Applebee’s. No judgment, people should eat wherever they like. I’m just curious as to the thought process.


Look, it doesn’t matter how they started, it’s just not worth it to end your day with disappointment. Having been lured by the need to eat and thinking, “Applebees should be alright,” I have some advice… If you need some food, just go to a truck stop and pick up a bbq beef burrito, some pizza or a hot dog and something to drink–Some Mad Dog, a case of beer, whatever–and you will often find one of the local alcoholics outside drinking their sustainance out of a paper bag. Sit down, strike up a conversation and enjoy a much better atmosphere and ambiance. Leave those booths behind. You’ll learn a lot of gossip and maybe even make a new friend. You will leave feeling like you got your money’s worth and so much more.


Learned that from Face Jam; it still sounds like a fake fact.