Tokyo Olympic beds are sturdy, IOC says after ‘anti-sex’ report

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That video of the Irish gymnast jumping on the bed is class. Also, the whole story came from a (wilfully?) misinterpreted joke tweet from an athlete? Colour me surprised


*Despite warnings to “avoid unnecessary forms of physical contact”, organizers are expected to hand out 160,000 condoms.* *But the organizing committee told AFP: “The distributed condoms are not meant to be used at the Olympic Village.”* *Instead they are supposed to be “brought back by athletes to their respective home countries and to help them support the campaign to raise awareness (about HIV/AIDS)”, it added.* ​ I guess they’ve got their story and they’re sticking with it….


Good, I am groupie for Olympic athletes and I was getting tired of having sex standing up in the handicapped bathrooms at the train station.


I think there even was an incident a few years ago that the Olympic village had run out of condoms


> “As long as they stick to just two people in the bed, they should be strong enough to support the load.”