Toyota Cancels All Tokyo Olympics TV Ads, CEO Won’t Attend Opening Ceremony

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> “The Olympics is becoming an event that has not gained the public’s understanding,” a Toyota public relations executive surnamed Nagata told Japan’s daily Yomiuri newspaper Monday. Too right. I don’t think anybody understands the corrupt organisation that owns and controls the Olympics. Now if only people would stop sponsoring FIFA.


Wow. Companies pay huge fees to be associated, and run ads based on that association to recoup those fees. For a huge company like Toyota to pull all associated ads…. Man, you know you done fucked up BIG TIME.


AFAIK Toyota is the exclusive supplier of vehicles for Olympics personnel. As it is there are a bunch of Priuses and Mirais roaming around Tokyo in Olympics livery, so in the face of widespread doubt and rising resentment against the Olympics, Toyota kind of has a massive target painted on their backs should public ire escalate further.


I wonder if having a permanent Winter/Summer locale would shake up the corruption. Make each place a ‘vatican’ for competition. Bring in that years ‘host’ nation to decorate and cater. Or something. . it seems such a waste building hotels and stadiums w/ huge contracts only to become ruins.


The pandemic is force majeure. Tokyo can and should cancel under national security provisions. But the IOC wouid threaten to never let them host another games.