Trump Pushed for Iran Strikes in Frenzied Bid to Cling to Power, Report Says

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People keep saying “oh no more news about trump it’s over” we don’t know the half of how bad the trump administration was yet. And he’s still the frontrunner for 2024’s R ticket.


Talk about an underpants gnome plan- Bomb Iran –> ? –> Win American election


We all knew killing Qasem Solemani was him trying to put a notch in his belt before the election, now biden has to somehow convince them not to nuclearize after we’ve shown that we will assassinate their leaders for political theatre. Wonderful situation.


So it’s beginning to look like Putin’s puppet, and his desperate wish for power, really were worst case scenario end of a county villain plans. We narrowly avoided fascism and destruction only because top generals refused his orders. That’s way too close a call for me.


Isn’t that exactly what trump said Obama would do to hold onto the presidency?