Two common practices in the U.S. restaurant industry — service with a smile and tipping — contribute to a culture of sexual harassment, according to new research from the University of Notre Dame.

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I work in a restaurant, I can’t count the number of a female coworker being friendly to her table has been seen as an invitation to ask for her number, make suggestive comments, or to come back and straight creep on them. One coworker in particular has a man that has come in multiple times within a single week asking to sit in her section and we deny the request because she feels so scared of the man.


Tipping as a mean to have a decent salary should simply be illegal


Tipping is the employer passing the cost of payroll onto the customer.


Honestly: ‘why I tip’ reduces to one emotion – abject pity. Servers are put into this ridiculous position of making less than minimum wage and then they have to impress customers enough to make up the slack. It’s tragic. The social custom is to tip AT LEAST 15%…20% is usually at max about a dollar more. F**k it. I’ll pay that extra dollar every time and all I think of when I do it is how screwed up the value proposition is for servers. Beyond that, I try to make serving me as simple and easy as possible. If people are playing some weird perverted mind-game with servers they should be institutionalized.


I was a waitress for 10 years and I was sexually harassed relentlessly.