Two more Texas Democrats who fled to DC test positive for COVID-19

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“So far, five delegation members have tested positive for COVID – and all are fully vaccinated.”


Yeah, it was definitely a bad move to fly maskless lol


So is their plan to just never return to Texas so Abbott can’t call a vote on his voting law?


Didn’t they pose for a picture inside a private plane in which none of them were wearing masks? It makes me crazy when people I want to support are so incredibly smug. If Republicans in Oregon had done that and were now coming down with Covid, Reddit would lose it’s mind.


Group of people who all went against travel recommendations get covid. Even with the shot they were going against recommendations of wearing a mask on a long flight Edit: They did help to prove two sets of argument for us though. A) though getting covid is still possible with the vaccine, it does reduce the worse outcomes. As all the representatives are asymptomatic. B). We have mask guidelines for a reason, and not to be “fAsCisTs”