U.S. Government sets up ransomware task force, offers $10 million reward for info

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Lots of these were offered in the past. Any news of any being paid?


Good. Hopefully the incentives are paid out. Nowadays these attacks aren’t just simple scripts and processes from an emailed zero-day that runs on an infected PC. Those days are over. What happens now are attacks that are coordinated and organized, with humans controlling them, and the ransomware only deployed after the bad actors have infiltrated your environment for days or weeks doing reconnaissance, credential logging, and infrastructure mapping, and laterally spreading the CnC package to all other workstations and servers in the network because they’ve gained admin account passwords. The last thing they deploy is the ransomware package after they determine they already have enough information to guarantee that the encryption will do the most amount of damage and will not be easily remediated since they’ll also target, and destroy any sources of backups that exist on the network.


Wow, that’s my photo on the header!


I know someone who knows something about someone who does something I can report. Would I still get paid?


A good way to deter ransomware would be to attack crypto currencies. Ransomeware would not be a thing if the attackers couldn’t be paid with currency that evades tracking and accountability.