U.S. Will Formally Accuse China of Hacking Microsoft

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You know it’s fucked up when the F.B.I. needs to get a court order to fix the malicious code left by Chinese hackers


I think the difference between accusing Russia vs China is that Russia is relatively an open Internet vs China is locked down to heck. Russia has plausible deniability because the hackers are part of the criminal mob. The government can let a few get arrested each year by Interpol and claim “they don’t support it”. China’s Internet is locked down to hell and back. People have to have their personal ID # tied to their Internet accounts. China plugs leaks in the Great Firewall within a few days. If there’s criminal international hacking going on, the Chinese government is “de facto” allowing it to go on. That’s the difference.


How many bugs were they able to fix?


With the freedom phone, China won’t have to hack us anymore.


I just wonder about the timing of this piece. Around 8 hours after independent press broke the story about our “ally” hacking journalists and selling that tech to anyone. Possibly leading to some journalists losing their lives, in comes this news that seems tasty according to the headline, but lacks any substance at all.