“Unskilled Labor” A Season with the Hotshots (2021) – A boot’s on the ground documentary showcasing the dangers and hardships faced by wildland firefighters on a elite Hotshot crew. [00:25:34]

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they put their bodies at risk and yet are barely paid above minimum wage. i think basic EMTs make more, which is pretty wild


Dope video! Thanks for your service to protect the west. I hope you guys can eventually get paid a livable wage. This job is way too dangerous.


Unskilled my ass.


Hotshots do what the Cal Fire prison laborers do. Hotshots are WAY, WAY more skilled but the FS was able to ‘flip the script’ and make it cool to be a ‘dirtbag laborer’ and sort of created this whole Hotshot mystique. If they advertised it as VERY SKILLED LABOR might get a different gene pool of laborers. Bottom line, have to get the job away from the ‘462’ Forestry Technician series (old-school related to logging etc) and into the ‘Professional Firefighting’ series in govt opm HR Fed-Speak.


My uncle worked in California fire service. These guys really work! No BS. They move quickly, think fast, adapt, and keep going everyday. I’m very grateful for the strong people who do this work for less pay than proper. Thank you for your service.