Unsustainable Arctic shipping risks accelerating damage to the Arctic environment. The study shows a clear justification for governments to intervene now to prevent a melting Arctic’s enabling of a reduction in shipping costs because of further acceleration of degradation of a crucial ecosystem.

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Article sponsored by Suez canal operator? I don’t doubt that shipping does hurt environment, but it’s a pretty discussable matter on what hurts more – longer shipping lines and more fuel spent for shipping, or shipping through northern seas. Seeing how there’s no way modern society could function without overseas shipping – shipping routes optimization is another piece of a puzzle to lower environmental damage, together with technological advancements in engines and fuel, used for shipping.


OMG save the planet…… The planet will be fine, eventually, is us that’s fucked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It will fix itself. The warming is melting the ice pack and eventually it will be warm enough that there will be a passage across the North Pole to get between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It will be insanely popular as it will majorly reduce distance and time for global shipping. This will in turn reduce the amount of emissions, cause things to cool back down, and then refreeze the ice caps. Worst case scenario is the earth will eventually get hot enough that it will start cooling again from species dying off. Nature will balance itself as it always has.