Vandalism of Catholic idols in Queens attributed to “general anti-religious sentiment 🤷‍♂️.”

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It’s nothing to do with catholic atrocities… it’s general anti-religious sentiment. Yes. Does a fiberglass shell count as a statue or is it just a “decorative figurine” ?


I’m a bit miffed at this news clip they keep running on our local news channel NY1 on infinite repeat: a woman vandalized a couple of Catholic idols and the Father blames it on anti-religious sentiment in the city. You know damn well that once they find this woman it’ll come down to: * she’s a crazy fanatic who roots for a different team of Christianity * she was a crazy fanatic and then something tragic “happened” to her in the Church * it has something to do with the horrible atrocities the Church was recently exposed in Canada of committing to the indigenous population. What atheist would take his/her evening to do this? We don’t condone vandalism! We’re too busy on our star app finding planets in the night sky! I’m just so tired of the scapegoating… edit: angry texting typos while walking


“I pray that this recent rash of attacks against Catholic churches and all houses of worship will end, and religious tolerance may become more a part of our society.” You mean like the tolerance you showed the indigenous or the coloured or the non believers in your community? I think they are showing you the tolerance you showed them.


Are we sure this wasn’t done by a priest who thought the statues were small children and just started having at them?


Well they’re lucky it was some random person and not Moses, because he’d have broken their idol **and** then slaughtered them and their families.