Veterans burn medals to protest Australia’s ‘failure’ to protect Afghan translators from the Taliban

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Genuinely asking. What’s the best way to not abandon the translators? Bring them over to the country and start new?


Imagine helping Australian troops through the wars because the coalition is like “don’t worry we’ll all take care of you!” And then when they lose the war and abandon everything, now that your life depends on the Australian promises to rescue your family from the population they radicalized…you find out that the Australian government is controlled by proud, shameless racists. Racists who would rather abandon the people who fought alongside them to die in the ashes of a failed war, and chain up boat refugees to die on a prison island, than risk having to live anywhere near anyone less white than they are. Fucking disgusting that civilized society still hasn’t sanctioned Canberra yet.


Why is this tagged “US Internal news”?


The fact that Ben Roberts-Smith is still a free man is all you need to know about how little the Australian government cares about Afghan civilians.


Australia is such a mess. Water shortages Freedom of press dying Corrupt oligarchy Corruption in the highest levels of government. Privatisation of vaccine rollout This is something I would expect from the Australian government. It’s scary what’s happening in Australia right now.