Viktor Orbán accused of using Pegasus to spy on journalists and critics

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Yup, if anyone wondered what it’s like to live here, this sums it up perfectly.


“Since Orbán became prime minister in 2010, Hungary has fallen from 23rd to 92nd in the World Press Freedom Index.” I wouldn’t say I am surprised, you could see how he destroys freedom step by step. He has no values, only greed. It is absolutely heartbreaking.


A reporter for the French daily Le Monde working on the Pegasus Project recently posed such a question to Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga during an interview about the legal requirements for eavesdropping: “If someone asked you to tape a journalist or an opponent, you wouldn’t accept this?” “What a question!” Varga responded. “This is a provocation in itself!” A day later, her office requested that this question and her answer to it “be erased” from the interview.


Ummm……we are supposed to be surprised this software is being abused? wasn’t it obvious from the beginning?


It’s no surprise that he uses it. The biggest surprise to me is that the EU doesn’t sanctionise this behaviour. Every other country would have serious problems with the EU commission, but Hungary somehow gets a carte blanche.