Viral video shows Malaysian police destroying 1,069 bitcoin mining rigs with a steamroller

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Wow 8 arrests in almost as many raids… The people who made ~$5M USD doing this got away and a handful of dregs they *paid* a couple hundred to babysit the computers got pinned. Edit: Thanks. Really. It’s now always “paid” not “payed”. But it *is* a silly irregular and I won’t mind if change this one back for simplicity. “Payed” used to be how this was usually spelled. It’s ostensibly for pronunciation but then why is “said” said differently? Why don’t we have “praid” or “okaid”? And “staid” is a whole ‘nother term. Maybe it’s a conspiracy to make English gatekeepingly bougie.


They should have limited it to 1024 and done them in blocks of 8 so it would have been a byte a time


Seeing how anyone can bribe the police in Malaysia, the guys mining probably got away with most of their money


What a horrific waste. Surely someone somewhere could have put that hardware to good use. What did this achieve except a photo op and a headline?


That’s why it seems like the narrative that this stuff is going to “save energy” and be good for the environment makes absolute no sense to me. It’s just going to put bigger demands on the electrical grid and in this case incentivize people to steal electricity.