Was President Joe Biden right to call anti-vaccine proponents killers? (Hint: Hell yes)

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It’s a pretty damning sign that some of the loudest deniers are themselves vaccinated. They know what they’re doing.


The coronavirus doesn’t fall from clouds in the sky or teleport like in Star Trek. It only spreads when one person gets infected passes the virus to others, some of whom will die. The vaccine makes it difficult to acquire the virus and to pass it on to others. Those who discourage vaccination and refuse to get vaccinated decrease the barriers to transmission and substantially increase the chances of death of those they interact with both directly and indirectly.


Vaccinations, all of them, should be mandatory. I understand some medical conditions require an exemption, but the vast majority of people should have no choice. Costs should be covered days off from post vaccine illness should be covered, stupidity should be ignored.


MAGA Plague Rats


Decent society is being held hostage by fringe anti vax lunatics.