What is the most unforgettable Reddit post that everyone needs to read?

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The lazy military officer who turned the ship so he could eat a bagel without the sun in his eyes. Can somebody provide a link to this beauty?


This one is extremely disturbing, but it was a post from a man looking for advice on leaving his wife. Not too long after, he posted an update that his wife murdered their children.


I think the guy documenting his spiraling into a full blown heroin addiction was one of the most disturbing and impressive things I read here. I forgot the name of the account unfortunately. I found it. He did a bunch of AmAs. The last is four years ago. Hope he‘s doing well. u/spontaneousH


Today you, Tomorrow me! The story of a guy being helped on the side of the road by a lovely Mexican family who would take nothing return!


I forget what its called, but there is a thread where a guy makes an account just to roast the people on r/grilledcheese and how most of the things that they post are in fact melts. He then tells his life story about how he’s been eating grilled cheeses 40+ years and that the thread was in fact a disgrace