What’s a talent you once had then lost?

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I was able to read for 12+ hours a day, no sweat. Broke the record for hours read in a summer and was damn near breaking the AR point record. Now i read a few pages and get horrendously bored.


Being able to speak multiple languages


Hangover recovery


Is happiness a talent?


I used to have a near photographic memory, maybe until my early 20s. I remember sitting for an Organic Chemistry exam in university and being able to “see” the pages of the textbook in my mind to recall the information for the test questions. I also had perfect recall for phone numbers (hah, useless skill now!) and locations. I still can remember directions to places I’ve been without reference to maps (generally) People still say I have a much much better than average memory, and while that may be the case it honestly kind of depresses me how much worse it is now than it was when I was young.