What’s the worst thing you have ever done to an annoying neighbour?

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I had a terrible work schedule and had to wake up at 2:30am to be at work by 4am. My downstairs neighbors would blare loud music at all hours of the night, and I could feel the bass through my mattress. I went downstairs and politely asked them to turn down the music, and they seemed to kindly agree. As soon as I got back in bed, they turned it up even louder and kept it going until about 1:30am. Before I left for work at 3:30, I turned over my amplifier so that the speaker was facing the floor, turned the volume up, and set my guitar on top of it. I left for my 12 hour shift, and the feedback was still screaming when I came home. Neighbors never blared their music again.


He smeared his shit on my front door all because I was talking to his crush. Told the crush what he did and now his known as the shit smearing pervert.


We lived in a neighborhood of townhouses. One neighbor let their dogs shit all over everyone’s lawn and never picked it up. We tried asking them, we tried picking it up and putting it on their doorstep, they refused to do it. My one neighbor decided to get a piece of it and smear it all over the front of the house. After that, they started picking it up.


My mom’s neighbor called the city to demand they make my mom repair her fence that divided their yards. This lady has always been a crabapple for ten plus years, but this move pissed my mom off. The fence did need a few mild repairs, which my mom would have done if the neighbor had just come talk to her (she was already in the process of getting quotes). The city contacts my mom and says you have to maintain your fence. My mom asks if she legally has to have a fence and the person she talked to could sense where this was going. Turns out there are rules about maintaining a fence, but not requiring you have one, so my mom pays a contractor to tear it down entirely. The neighbor does come to talk to my mom and asks when the new fence will be built. My mom says “you want a fence, build it yourself!” Couple weeks later my mom has a nice new fence, courtesy of one annoying neighbor. A little petty, perhaps, but hilarious nonetheless.


My grandmother had a neighbor over her back fence who refused to help her repair the fence between their properties. It was still functional as a boundary line, but it was falling apart. Any conversation about fixing the fence ended with him saying that it was on her property so it was her fence and therefore she was fully responsible, which was fair. She took a fall and was hospitalized for a few weeks. Upon her return, she found a new fence built an extra 5 feet into her property and a bill in the mail from the neighbor. He argued with her for months that she owed him, that the original fence was on his property and that where it was now was the boundary line. My grandmother got a surveyor and surprise! The original fence was correct and the neighbor had taken 5 ft of her yard. At this point she was very old, frail, and tired of fighting her asshole neighbor. Instead, she let nature take over. She planted blackberries along the back fence and within 2 years it was covered. Every year, she’d walk the fence and throw seeds over because of course, it was still her yard. After 5 years of fighting, the blackberries had reclaimed her property. She’s been gone for a few years now but the blackberries remain, her way of haunting her neighbor. He’s tried ripping up the ones on his side of the fence on numerous occasions, but the plants reseed themselves and grow back every year from her side.