Would you be willing to take a one way trip to Mars?

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Personally no. I don’t think I could deal with it mentally. Never seeing rain or green trees. Having to live in (essentially) a big bubble for the rest of my life. Being exposed to high amounts of radiation, physical problems, lung/heart problems etc. If this is something you really want to do, then go for it! Just understand the risks and start working on it NOW! This is going to be very competitive. 🙂


I’ll join ya, bud. Give me an iPod loaded with 90’s grunge and a long term task (maybe soil analysis) and I’m there. The death part and loneliness don’t worry me too much, and the thought of setting foot on another planet is just too amazing for words.


No way. I’m glad there are people that want to do things like this, but I will happily read about it or watch it on TV from the comfort of my own home.


Ask yourself if you can stay at the Sahara forever but with less amenities and more risk


>For my entire life (I’m now 23) To be completely honest, you have barely scratched the surface of life. Until the last few years, most of your life has been following a path created by others and not yourself. You might think you’ve had plenty of choices and control, but this just isn’t the case. Don’t despair, we all run a version of this gauntlet in one form or another. Give it another ten or twenty years and keep asking yourself the same question. I might be completely wrong, but I imagine you will change your tune once you realize what it is like to truly lead your own life. Personally, Mars would be a great place to visit, but I’d have to know there was an opportunity to return before I left good old home planet Earth.