You’re starting a cult. What’s it called?

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I’d create a cult based on collective consciousness and therefore crowd-source the name. We will inevitably be called “Culty McCultface”.


Cult of the Sleepy Ones It would basically just be the cult members going to the sacrificed person’s house and we’d snack on their food and then sleep. Maybe a little bit of gaming. And no, we don’t kill our sacrifice, we just make them “sleep”. We do stargazing too 🙂 Edit: Thank you for the first award I’ve ever been gifted with before! 😀


Already in one. Every wednesday night we meet in Jim’s basement to praise our true lord and savior, C’thulu. We have jackets and his wife bakes us cookies.


We are a group of people who follow around a certain billionaire attempting to capture and bottle his scent. We call ourselves: Elon’s Musk


The **Choir of Eternal Light** welcomes all who would cast aside their worldly possessions (into a trust fund we have set aside for our righteous mission) and join us in the *Cluster of Stars* faith compound ^TM where we shall practices the ancient and forgotten art of lucid dreaming (through the use of self-made hallucinogens; also grown in the Cluster) so you can achieve your *Celestial Transcendence* and meet your ancestors gods that live within you *Also, the gods are aliens* … I’m gonna be rich