15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice

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I remember seeing an idea in r/scificoncepts about global warming leading to thousands of new strains fo virus being released from the permafrost. Fortunately these ones were found on top or a mountain, but it’s still a scary thought after everything that happened this year. There are so many new viruses that we need a universal way of destroying them. Hopefully some new technologies will come up soon


Disappointing they didn’t try to see if RNA viruses could be detected from the ice cores. While RNA instability over that length of time may have precluded any results, RNA viruses are very interesting from an evolutionary standpoint and their mutagenesis rate. Then to top it off, most of the viruses we worry about causing pandemics (CoV, Ebola, influenza, etc) are RNA viruses.


This may have been said but this is pretty much how the sickness in Sweet Tooth started. I hope none of these viruses are deadly.


This is why global warming is going to create a surge of global pandemics. A lot of nasty ancient monsters have been safely trapped in the ice. Now our species collective sins are waking them from their unholy slumber. Many have the potential to be like smallpox giving a big friendly hello to the Native Americans whose immune systems had never encountered it before. Don’t worry though. The rich will survive it.


Maybe we leave it alone