A nurse at the ICU noticed a patient trying to say something through his oxygen mask.

Nurse: Sorry, what was that again? Patient: Are my testicles black? Nurse : Excuse me? Patient : Are my testicles black? The nurse was quite young and beautiful,and was used to getting hit on by patients. But seeing the state the poor man was in, she decided to check on his testicles. She spent a full minute examining his testicles and told the man ” Sir your testicles are not black and are perfectly fine”. The patient takes of his mask, smiles and replies “Thats all well and good, but are my test results back? “.

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I was at the stadium and this black dude next to me at the urinal was massively hung. He caught me peeking at his junk and said, “If you want a dick like this, you gotta tie a brick to the end of your tip and let it just hang there every day for a few hours.” I did just as he said for the last few weeks, and sure enough, my dick’s black too.


In old country, is sick man.Lay in infirmary in Russian embassy.Is many sick.Has mask.Has needle in arm.Take test to discver source of grievous ailment. Peasant girl come in.Volunteer at infirmary like good comrade.Say, Is liking anything? Man say, Yes, are testicles belonging to African man? Peasant girl very confuse.Say, Isn‘t knowing answer to that question.Man say, I beg of you, check to see if African testicles.Peasant girl still confuse, but check.Lift up tunic, everything appear to be in order.Say, Comrade, testicles are Latvian. Sick man say, Glorious.Listen close.He remove mask.Are results of test return? Test results were return.Man have three week to live.Starve after only two week because infirmary run out of potato.Such is life in the old country.


> Finally, hte man pulls off his oxygen mask and…. fucking dies.


Made me chuckle but more importantly, made ym wife chuckle, which does not happen that often. That’s surely worth an upvote. lol


The nurse was beautiful and breath taking