American deafblind Paralympian withdraws from Tokyo Games after request for personal assistant refused

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They expect 1 assistant to care for 33 paralympians. That’s crazy.


This is really sad! When i was in the air force we hosted the special olympics on base and each athlete was assigned to an airmen, one on one. We made sure they got some sleep, ate 3 meals a day, didn’t get lost or miss their events. It was very rewarding


In other news, the Olympic committee will continue their puppy kicking marathon as retribution for the canine community’s sponsorship check bouncing.


Gotta love how none of the committees will even take the blame for making that call. Just expect a deafblind girl to manage herself in another country. She won golds for swimming in 2016. Not allowed to compete in 2020/1. Absolutely disgusting.


Question for the informed: are the Olympics always such a shit show, or is this just a magical year?