Americans’ medical debts are bigger than was previously known according to an analysis of consumer credit reports. As of June 2020, 18% of Americans hold medical debt that is in collections, totaling over $140 billion. The debt is increasingly concentrated in states that did not expand Medicaid.

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I wonder what percent of that debt is due to fraudulent billing which is unfortunately rampant in the healthcare industry.


Universal healthcare will be one of those things that we’ll be saying, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”


Universal healthcare MUST become law in the U.S. I have been on this soapbox since the early 1980’s. You’re a citizen, you get care, its covered. This way the incentive is to keep folks well and healthy, not the way we have now where corporations make money treating the preventable and prolonging illness and recovery.


I can go on about the NHS and why it’s incredible, but the fact of the matter is that American corporations make insulin (for example) for $3.50 a vial, and sell it for upwards of $200. It’s unfathomable and I humane. It makes no sense at all.


When medical treatments are so expensive that even people making good money can’t afford why would you even attempt to pay? Wouldn’t it be better to let that 100k medical bill go to collections and then you settle for pennies on the dollar? If they ever sue for it bankruptcy wipes it all out.