AOC says Republicans ‘have been killing time for months’ with crawling pace of infrastructure talks

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> “They’ve been killing time for months and and at this point, I believe it’s starting to get to a point where this bipartisan effort is seeming to serve less on investing in our infrastructure and serving more than ends up just delaying action on infrastructure,” she told reporters on Tuesday. “It’s been enough.” Obstruction is in the G**O**P’s DNA. Glad AOC & others are calling them out. Sure hope others are paying attention—Republicans are openly rooting for America to fail. So next time they spout off about “America First,” remember: Their actions speak louder than words! 🤨😒😡


It’s absolutely ridiculous how long it takes to get something done in this country. If an asteroid was heading our way we’d let it hit instead of coming to a compromise on how we’re going to destroy it.


And certain Democrats are letting them get away with killing as much time as they want.


Republicans have no interest in seeing *any* initiative from the Democrats succeeding. Engaging in talks and negotiations is just a strategy to disable or hinder the end result.


It’s time to kill the filibuster in the senate and go it alone in the house. Those fucks have ZERO intention of working in a bipartisan way anyway so who gives a shit what they think.