Apple delays return to office as Covid cases rise

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My job was telling people in May to come back in office and the only reason was that “we are not a work from home company” even though there was no change when they did it the past year and a half. Now they don’t say anything about it…


Apple already reportedly received two-week notices from employees when they announced plans to return for September. The cat is out of the bag, remote work happened and productivity did not collapse like many paranoid managers thought. Talented employees who know what they’re worth are going to DEMAND remote work as part of their benefits moving forward. Backwards thinking companies will lose talent to other companies.


Obligatory no one could have predicted this


They must be pissed they built that expensive fancy new campus that no one is using.


They are aching to have people back at their offices, not just Apple, but other companies afraid of losing their control grip over the staff. IMO either their HR is clueless or some line of managers will soon be out of jobs if smart-working continues.