Armed guards protect tons of nuclear waste that Maine can’t get rid of – $10M a year to guard 60 canisters full of waste with no end in sight

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Damn, I bet that is an easy, boring job. I wonder what they get paid?


This is a problem that I see cropping up again and again in multiple industries: we start making stuff and pay no attention to how we’ll handle it at the end of its life. Kick that can down the road, let it be someone else’s problem. Hopefully if we get medical treatments to prevent death from ageing we’ll see people taking more responsibility for their decisions today: you can’t keep kicking the can down the road until you die, if there’s no guarantee you’ll die any time soon.


This facility produced electricity for some 24 years, and produced 60 canisters of waste material, and it’s in one location, and under guard. Meanwhile, my province produces electricity via coal and natural gas and happily pumps the waste into the air for everyone to breathe. I wish we had 60 canisters of waste material instead.


Or maybe we can expand us use of nuclear power, the newer designs run off the waste of the old plants and much more efficiently and safely. But clean nuclear energy bad. /s


Hey, at least the nuclear industry is responsible with its waste and keeps it contained. Instead of you know, expelling it out into the atmosphere for future generations to pay to clean up, and in the meantime lowering everyone’s air quality.