B.C. restaurants remove wild salmon from their menus as a political statement about over-fishing

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There are more sustainable wild salmon fisheries out there then probably other species. I do think there are runs that need help, especially on the West Coast/BC though and would benefit from less commercial fishing or a total stoppage for a few years. Bristol Bay up in AK is currently celebrating its 2nd record breaking run in the last 5 years of 60+ million fish returning. Having used to fish up there I can tell you it’s so fucking locked down that if a river is lagging in fish that have made it up river they immediately close it down for passage. If that means less fish to catch then so be it but it is consistently a very strong fishery. If managed correctly, commercial fishing for salmon can be bountiful.


I try to stay away from farmed salmon because of how well documented the negative impacts it has on local fish populations.


Ironically, farmed salmon is actually less sustainable than wild salmon. The feed used by most salmon farms is made from smaller fish like sardines that is much more over-fished.


Could also be a statement about not eating cat scraps


Isn’t farmed salmon worse for the environment?