Chasing the Moon (2019) – On June 20, 1969, America went to the moon. This three part documentary reimagines the race to the moon for a new generation, upending much of the conventional mythology surrounding the effort, featuring previously overlooked and lost archival material. [05:35:59]

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July 20?


Tried to watch it because I love space shows and found the presentation to be really grating. Back to watching The Planets for the 50th time


Any links I can watch this from Ireland?


I’ve been touting this one since it premiered on PBS a couple of years ago. It’s the best doc on the Apollo moon race that I’ve ever seen.


It was a very exciting time. And scary. We’d seen the failures (and heard about the many Russian failures, which they denied). All of us who were alive at the time remember watching those shaky images from the moon. It was amazing. Given the technology of the time, it’s even more amazing now that we have more processing power at our fingertips – which we use to watch cat videos.