Cities Try to Phase Out Gas Stoves—but Cooks Are Pushing Back – Persuading people to switch to electric is hard; gas stoves get exempted from bans on new hookups

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Feels like another case of penalizing the powerless to appear to be doing something. Meanwhile, Too Big Fail companies continue their bad behavior unimpeded.


Right, because gas stoves, not gigantic coal power plants, are the problem. I would feel better about switching to electric if it wasn’t just moving the environmental cost upstream.


Sorry, but from a cooking perspective gas is by far superior for both temperature control and versatility. Plus when there is a power cut one can still cook food or have an additional heat source (winter). Plus electric or immersion hobs are infuriating when they decide to turn themselves off mid cook. Never giving up the gas stove – I’ll have electric cars and all the green initiatives you can throw at me but the gas stove stays.


This reminds me of the stat that if every human in California COMPLELETY stopped using water at home, it would reduce California’s water usage by <10%. Just keeping cows fed and hydrated (especially alfalfa farming to feed them) uses 2.7 trillion gallons of water/year. Ergo, asking Californians to flush less often as a solution to the water crisis is fucking nonsense.


wth? Gas Stoves are FAR more energy effecient and better to cook with.