Colourized video of Warsaw from 1939

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This is my favorite aspect of history, the anthropological side. That surreal feeling of seeing casual videos and photos from times long past of people just being people. It’s so easy to become obsessed with details about historical figures, boundaries, politics, militaries and their battles and such, but at the end of the day, history is about people.


It’s an absolute tragedy knowing what is about to happen to this thriving city.


wow, there was even a black guy. Did not expect to see that in 1939 Warsaw.


Just thinking what will be happened after few years, it’s like an elegy for dearest city. I can’t imagine how the city had so systemically destroyed by madness, and then it was restored just in few decades. I can’t think other words, but only kudos to Polish people, who had overcame it.


It’s striking that no-one is obese, or even really overweight…