Concerned about the amount I have saved for retirement

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What is the money invested in? Based on your numbers it seems like it might just be sitting there in cash not earning anything.


Dollars to donuts that money is sitting in cash and that’s why it’s so low. Folks make sure you MANUALLY SELECT YOUR FUNDS.


10 years of ~$8k contributions would be $80k in contributions ONLY, with large gains expected on top of that. What funds is your money invested in? Something doesn’t add up. Likely u/DirectGoose’s suggestion is correct, and you have never actually invested any of the money.


That does seem low based upon your contributions vs historical market returns over the past 10 years. I would confirm that your money is actually invested in funds and not sitting in a cash fund. If you invested $7,000 per year over the last 10 years at a 7% return you would have roughly $103,000 so $70,000 seems low.


How is it being invested?