Current list of car leasing companies that no longer allow 3rd party buyout

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Note that the lessee can still buy out the car himself and then sell to 3rd party. But this will involve paying sales tax/transferring title, which could previously have been avoided with 3rd party buyout.


Wow, this is very recent for GM. I just sold a leased GMC to CarMax a couple months ago and made $3500 with the price Carmax paid vs lease buyout price with the current market


You can add Volvo to this list. However, they go one step further. Volvo Financial will not even let their own dealers buy out a lease! Instead, the customer must turn in the vehicle (at a dealership) and complete *all* the documentation, after which the dealer reports that the vehicle has been grounded. Only at that point–ie, after the vehicle has been grounded–will Volvo Financial tell the dealership what price they may pay to purchase the vehicle. I ran in to this last month when a customer wanted to trade in his leased Volvo at my (Subaru) store. We are friendly with a local Volvo dealer, and the manager there explained the above to us. Once my customer learned he could not even sell out of his lease to the Volvo dealer, he canceled buying our car and instead is staying in his Volvo lease until it matures (much to his wife’s dismay).


Damn they are finally catching on. I got $5200 more than my buyout on my leased Jeep, but I just used the carmax quote which my Jeep dealer matched.


Where did you get Mazda from? I called about a third party buy out quote for my Mazda a a few days ago and nothing was mentioned