Daily Simple Questions Thread – July 20, 2021

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Been on and off steroids for years up until the pandemic. This TOTALLY revamped my priorities and I found myself being cool with dropping a ton of weight and just living a normal life. I barely care about going to the gym anymore, in fact they just reopened yesterday in Ontario and I couldn’t be bothered. Literally threw away syringes, used vials, even ancillaries. All gone to the trash a solid $300 worth. I was using Olympic Rings when visiting my siblings in France in June and fell in love with that. So what’s a good subreddit to follow?


How much of daily protein intake being whey protein is ‘too much’? It’s by far the cheapest and easiest protein source available to me, I have ~4 scoops (100g) per day on top of eggs, meats, milk etc but replacing for more solid protein would be difficult as the medication I’m on drastically reduces my appetite making me want to throw up at the thought of eating more at times.


Is it normal to do less strenuous workouts when it’s very hot outside? I usually spend 30 minutes at cardio but was gassed within 10 minutes yesterday.


**TL;DR : Is a high fats diet OK for clean bulking ?** If I understood correctly, there’s absolutely no difference as long as calories intake is the same. Just to make sure : 1. For a given caloric intake, will a high fats diet (say > 30% calories from fats) lead to a dirtier bulk (= more fats stored) ? 2. Is it totally OK to replace 3% fats yogurt with say 10% fats yogurt (as long as caloric total is the same). Thanks ! !


About three to four months in as a beginner. Making good progress. Question is: does the grip strength and forearm tendon soreness/pain get better over time? Is there anything I can do to help with this? I’m finding this to be a recurring and often rate limiting issue.