Ecuador as a booming major mining investment destination

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The Spanish are a few hundred years ahead of you on this.


This makes me so sad. Ecuador is one of the worlds biodiversity hotspots. More minning in ecuador means cutting down the rainforest, relocating indians, contaminating water sources. Foreign companies have a long history of fucking up the envoronment down there. For more info look up chevron oil spill, to see what a cluaterfuck that is. This new mining friendly adminiatration will cause ireveraible damage to such a fragile ecosystem. Out of principle i would never invest in any of these companies.


On a side note, Ecuador is a great place to visit! We spent a week touring the Andes, rainforest and the beaches on the equator (hey that’s why they named it Ecuador). They take American dollars, super safe and Quito is stunning.


Ecuador is located on the Andean Copper Belt, which extends from Chile to Panama and is estimated to host almost half the world’s reserves of the red metal, so the country becoming a principal destination for mining investment is inevitable.


yeah, Ecuador has a ton of pristine environment just ripe for the fucking.