Employer withheld 401(K) from pay check but hasn’t added it to 401(K) balance.

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I would give the employer a chance to fix it before trying to go through the DOL or Ebsa (tell the employer that’s your next step!) They need to make your deposits and have their administrator calculate the lost earnings you’re owed.


Has this affected your coworkers or just you?


Legally, they have until the 15th business day of the following month to put the money into the 401k accounts.


Was this a new 401k plan? That happened to me, and the problem was the 401k plan wasn’t properly mapped in the software. My company thought they paid, but it never came out of the account, and thus didn’t show up.


Some plans (mine) allow the employer quite a bit of lead time to contribute it. I don’t thinks it’s exactly a 401k proper though.