France to Ban Shredding and Gassing of Male Chicks

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Sorry if this comes off as stupid, but does the article basically say that instead they’ll get machines that see the sex while in the egg and that they’ll be killed then instead? EDIT: I’m not questioning the change, ethics, or anything. I just wanted to know if I had understood the article correctly.


I am not sure that factory farming is doing enough to reduce and attempt to eliminate suffering, but after all our own baby chicks were snatched by hawks I became less polarized on the shredder issue. Which is more natural? Hawks. Which is worse? Eh, very possibly the hawks. But no live shredding would be good too.


What the fuck is wrong with humanity that we think it is acceptable to shred any animal to death? This is 2021, and we still have our heads up our ass about being decent to other people and animals.


Daily reminder that ‘humane slaughter’ is an oxymoron.


I’m sorry, fucking *w h a t*