Gunshot-Detecting Tech Is Summoning Armed Police to Black Neighborhoods: A Motherboard investigation found that ShotSpotter frequently generates false alerts—and it’s deployed almost exclusively in non-white neighborhoods.

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It’s deployed in areas with high rates of crime related to gun violence. Placement is based on calls and workload, not race. Vice as usual is trying to stir the pot on anything they can.


They put them in the areas that were most common for calls of shots fired. So this opinion article is saying that non-white neighborhoods statistically shoot at each other at much higher levels. Statistics aren’t racist


Welp, I live in a non-white neighborhood and guess what I wake up to at 3am? 30 fking gunshots. It’s deployed in non-white neighborhoods because that’s where all the fking shooting are happening…God forbid u speak the truth now and days


The biggest question, why do people still read Vice if Vice doesn’t show any objective and quality journalism?


Yeah it’s never been flawless technology, and I believe the city of Baltimore was the first US city to adopt it? It’s deployed where the highest number of shootings are per capita historically.