I came out to my fundamentalist Christian wife as an atheist. Need encouragement.

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To be frank, this is something you had to do at some point, and I can’t blame you for choosing to be open and explaining what’s going on to your wife; after all, that would be the first person I would tell anything this relevant. Now, her reaction is something that’s completely out of your control, and I can assure you there was no magical combination of words that would result in an ideal scenario. So, please don’t overthink that aspect. In all my years hanging around in this subreddit, the only sane advice for these situations I came up with is just making clear that you being an atheist isn’t something new, that you’re still the same person, and that you love your family.


No matter what happens, you did the right thing. Both of you deserve the gift of honesty and it is unreasonable for you to live out your entire life in a straitjacket. Good luck.


I have an uncle that’s a life long atheist and his wife is a hardcore believer. He would drive her to church and then go pick up some food and chill. It’s not the end of the world to have couples that don’t adhere to the same ideology as long as both sides are understanding and is willing to make compromises. It’s still better than to lie and keep secrets from your SO.


I’m very sorry. You did the right thing. You shouldn’t have to live a lie.


The thing about fundamentalists is that religion is a huge part of their identity, to the point they believe faith and morality go hand-in-hand. Now she has to deal with the cognitive dissonance that her husband, who is a good person, is a non-believer and therefore immoral. Just hope she loves you more than she loves Jesus.