I unwrapped Neil Armstrong’s visor to 360 sphere to see what he saw.

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What really hits me about this is (obviously) we didn’t have 360 tech on the moon, but you managed to macgyver it from available info. Truly creative and inspired and well done.


Very clever, this is great! Though I think the original image is of Buzz Aldrin, as the chest mounted camera was on Neil Armstrong. So your resulting image is one of Mr. Armstrong!


This is actually amazing. Super unique idea I can’t believe I’ve never seen before. I bet you could do this with a lot of Apollo pictures!


This. This right here is what makes me stay on Reddit. Months and months of okay content and shitty reposts, then boom. Amazing content like this. Fuck yeah man. Made my night.


This is incredible. Is this made from the full resolution image (or highest resolution scan I guess) to squeeze out as much detail as possible? I feel like that and some AI enhancement trained on Apollo photos could make this really immersive in VR.