I was watching the news tonight and it was shockingly clear that the same people shouting “Freedom” and not wanting the government (U.S.A.) to force vaccines on them because it interferes with their rights to control their bodies are A-OK with passing laws to block your rights to choose an abortion.

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Yeah and they’re alright with killing millions by spreading a disease but not okay with a woman killing one life that’s not a life yet feeding off her body, kinda ironic. But these highly politicized ppl don’t seem to be able to think for themselves and just go with whatever the party says


I’ve been saying this for years, they don’t give a shit about freedom, only power.


The hypocrisy is absolutely infuriating.


And they are the same people who don’t want their teens to be able to consent to their own health care, be it vaccinations or reproductive health care


“Pro life” really only means forcing women to have babies and forcing old people to live as long as possible. Both of which depend entirely on ignoring what’s best for whoever finds themselves in these categories.