‘If anybody is lying here senator, it is you,’ Fauci tells Sen. Paul in heated exchange at Senate hearing

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Fauci must feel like his entire world is surreal at this point.


>”Non-practicing Opthalmologist (who was certified by a board he created because the other board hates him) tries to explain viral pathogen research to the world’s foremost expert in viral pathogens.” Fixed that headline


Man Kentucky you really fucked up sending Rand Paul to DC, at least your other senator is…. (checks notes)….. oh *fuck you*!


I wish this happened more. I’m tired of seeing GQP members on TV lying their asses off with zero push back. We need more government officials and journalists to do their damn jobs and start calling these people liars on air. Repeatedly. Consistently. There is no longer a time and place for listening to both sides when one side is so far detached from truth and reality. Time to start calling all these fucking liars exactly what they are – fucking liars.


Omg. They are trying to make fauci responsible for Covid. Paul said it explicitly. “You were responsible for 4,000,000 deaths” and will be held accountable. Holy shit