India’s excess deaths during the pandemic could be a staggering 10 times the official COVID-19 toll, likely making it modern India’s worst human tragedy, according to a new comprehensive study.

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I’m an Indian, and am pretty sure the real toll is _at least_ 10 times the official one. During the worst days of the 2nd wave, there were many reports of the number of bodies being cremated being 10 or 20 times the official Covid death toll.


Tbh as an indian im not surprised. Our government cares about the image of the nation, leader and the ruling party ( in increasing order ) than the people of the country. Vote the opposition to power you say ? Well they are better but right now they are in turmoil with no real leadership and are also incredibly corrupt. Want to know how authoritative the current government is ? An 84 yr old activist with Parkinson’s who was an avid opposer to thr current regime was accused of terrorism, put in jail and was refused a glass with a straw in his prison cell.


Not surprised. There was a Pulitzer winning photographer named Danish Siddiqui who died a few days ago in a Taliban attack in Afghanistan. Modi’s fans were celebrating his death because he took photos of the terrible situation during India’s COVID crisis. These fuckers didn’t give a damn about people dying on the streets. They were more worried that India’s image took a hit abroad.


India is anything but modern. A labor camp for the poor. The government punishes people who disagree. And the governments of the developed countries are watching.


I can’t speak as someone on the ground, but my mother used to work with Indian doctors in Saudi Arabia and they were the only non-westerners medical-staff she really respected [because all the others had appalling human-rights view]. Seeing how many Indian doctors got attacked, or who broke down crying because there was nothing they could do as people died on stretchers *outside* the hospitals, broke both her and my heart. She said that if she had been younger (she’s a granny now) she’d fly over there to help. But I digress; I followed the reporting intently for over a month. Several Indian news-channels, podcasts, reporting, etc. and if there’s one place where you can’t lie about numbers it’s the morgues or where people bury and-/or- cremate bodies. I watched over a hundred different articles, videos and more where cremators were crying because thanks to delta there were even children now dying and they couldn’t burn the bodies fast enough so they had to stack the children bodies next to eachother like woodlogs at a bonfire. How the poor couldn’t even afford cremations so hundreds, if not thousands, of bodes were buried in shallow sand in the rivers, washing up with the ebb and flow of the river. Or when the even poorer or rural who no one claimed in time were dumped by vans at bridges and washing up downstream. Even then as a Swede, I was prodigiously jelous of Indian reporting. It reminded me of 20 years ago pre-bush where western media actually asked follow-up questions or did actual journalism and not just sensationalism. When they didn’t just ask *one* question and let the fucking politician spew their premade bullshit phrase and end it at that. The best one I saw was when the satrap of Delhi said there were no shortages of oxygen, so the newschannel just filmed themselves driving to more than five of the largest hospitals where *every* chief of Medicine said they’d *at least* had 4-8 hours of no oxygen *every day* for the last five days. For reference, no oxygen is almost a instant death-sentance because it scars the tissues of the lunge and pretty much makes recovery impossible even if you give perfect treatment afterwards. Or when they talked with the main Modhi representative in Punjab and he kept regurgitating Modhi twitter-feed, to which they had a follow-up question to *every* statement as well as like five doctors on call who all rebuked the lies. India is often called two countries, rural and urban. The urban can be very modern and sane, it functions at times like western, middle-eastern or east-asian cities. The rural however is much like rural Afghanistan or such. Only India at least has a lot of infrastructure for movement like trains… Which makes it even worse when *after* the infections [rather testing] are spiked and the municipalities enact restrictions, all the rural workers just trainride home and bring the sickness to areas where there’s none- or very little medical facilities- and equipment. Point being, and **TLDR**, India is amazing in so many ways, but they are not only fighting the virus but also the same demonic and gigantic monster of disinformation that the west is. Add to that a populist asshole like Modhi, who is basically like trump and johnsson, who does all in their power to *help* the disinformation and rather fight the population- and doctors- than the virus itself. ———— Sorry for the rant but I felt I had to express my perspective as someone who knows first-hand that India has the competence to fight this pandemic, the people are strong and despite many rural-fantasies (drinking cowpiss, bathing in cowshit, etc) they often respect and listen to medical personal. It’s just their leadership that is failing them, not the people. Unlike say in the US where I honestly have little sympathy for someone not taking the vaccine, where it is *people* failing other people. “But disinformation is a thing in US as well!” yes but I expect much more competence from the “best country in the world”. My deepest condolences to those Indians who’ve needlessly had to suffer for choices not made by themselves.